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Merhaba! Benim adım Bike ve Türkü'm. Şu an eşim Antonio ile birlikte Amerika'da yaşıyorum. Yeni yerler, insanlar, filmler, aktiviteler vs keşfetmeyi cok severim ve bunları sizlerle paylaşmak isterim. Umarım güzel bir vakit geçiririz hep beraber. Her zaman düşüncelerinizi, varsa sorularınızı bekliyorum ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! My name is Bike and I am from Turkey. Currently I live in America with my husband, Antonio. I love discovering new places, people, movies, activities etc and sharing my experiences with people. I hope we will have fun together ;) Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and share your comments about my writings, thoughts, journeys etc.

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26 Haziran 2016 Pazar

There is no such thing like "Foreign Place"

::The same conversation I had with people when I visited Turkey to see my family for 3 weeks::

Hey girl! Where have you been? 

Woah! You went to America?!?
America is very far away from your country, Turkey!!
What are you doing there?
Did you come to Turkey for a business trip?
Did you go to America for good?
Aren't you coming back??

Are you happy, tell me about it, are you happy there?
Oh if you are happy there, no problem! We are happy too!

Mmm.. Buuut.. America is very far, my friend!
Don't you think you and your husband will come back here sometime? 

They say right. America is very far from my own country, from the country where I was born. But let me ask you this: Where is the place which is very close to your own country? Everybody think that developed technology let you to be very very close to where you want to be. Not at all!! There is no place which can be very close to your country! Neither America nor Europe nor any city in Turkey nor right in front of your face!
You ask me, How come?? Let me tell you how:

Do you think the developed technology can take me to a cafe in Izmir where I want to have a Turkish tea with my lovely friends? Can it take me to my twin sister's house when I get bored at home? Can it give me an opportunity to be physically close to my nieces when I want to kiss and hug them? etc etc..

Hey don't misunderstand me. I am not sad at all while writing these sentences above.
It doesn't make me miserable cause I can't do them from my home in America.
Who cares?
Yes I am in America, Virginia Beach with my lovely husband. I am asking people who think I am really far away from my hometown: Did you ask me which place I call home?
There is a quotation which I really like: "Home is where your heart is".. However I want to change it a bit.. I don't think that there is only one place you feel like home because you have only one heart.

As I told you, I live in America with my lovely husband. I love him to the death. My heart is with him wherever I go.
To be honest, my heart can expand..Sometimes it goes to Izmir where I used to have Turkish tea with my friends,,Sometimes it goes to Italy, Piacenza where I visited lovely family of a friend of mine..Sometimes it goes to my Thailand tour with a friend of mine,,,Sometimes it goes to Istanbul boats..Sometimes it goes to my university's dormitory where we laughed, had a lot of fun moments with my friends.. etc etc..

The reason why I wrote this is to tell my family and my friends and other people who think I am miserable in a foreign country:
The reason why I wrote this to tell people who think they are struggling or they will struggle when they go away from their hometown to achieve their dream or to develop their career or just to see new places and explore new places, new people:

"There is no such thing like a foreign place unless I have a foreign place in my heart"

Stay with love!

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