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Bike Kilic

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Merhaba! Benim adım Bike ve Türkü'm. Şu an eşim Antonio ile birlikte Amerika'da yaşıyorum. Yeni yerler, insanlar, filmler, aktiviteler vs keşfetmeyi cok severim ve bunları sizlerle paylaşmak isterim. Umarım güzel bir vakit geçiririz hep beraber. Her zaman düşüncelerinizi, varsa sorularınızı bekliyorum ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! My name is Bike and I am from Turkey. Currently I live in America with my husband, Antonio. I love discovering new places, people, movies, activities etc and sharing my experiences with people. I hope we will have fun together ;) Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and share your comments about my writings, thoughts, journeys etc.

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22 Ocak 2014 Çarşamba

Sometimes voyages do not go as you imagine..Why?

I wrote a letter.. A letter to a speecher.. I watched her TED video and then fell in love with her.. She cares about people.. She loves people.. She is lesbian and even though people makes fun of it, she says "There are more emails full with love, respect.."

I wrote a letter to her.. Because I saw a friend of mine in her.. My friend who wants to fight for people's rights.. My friend who is searching for the ways to help people finding their own creativity.. My friend who wants people to discover themselves.. My friend whom I would love to take travel with.. Anywhere..

I wrote a letter to her.. Because I wanted to tell her I might have not been that successful in doing what she says in her TED video.. But I wanted to tell her I want to be open to beloved ones even though there is a probability of losing them when I am true to them..

I wrote a letter to her......

"Dear Sally,
I have a friend who is not talking to me anymore because I hurt him I think.. There is a very long story behind it.
I met with him almost 5 years ago. I felt more than friends towards him and I opened my heart to him.. But he did not accept because he loves me as a friend.
So after some distance, we started to become a friend.. We became a very good friend. And one day he told me he realized he is a gay. To be honest, I was shocked because love never ended in my heart even though I had relationships with other men around.. But he was different to me..
So I opened my arms to him and listened to him, tried to understand him.. But at the same time, I had problems in my personal life. So sometimes I could not listen to him in details. 
One day he came to me and he said to me I changed and I am not the good person he saw before.. But it was not true.. I did not change. I am still the woman who fell in love with his character, his heart.. But the truth is I did not listen to him yes because I was listening to myself and he did not realize it.. I am sad and a little bit angry with him because he did not warn me..
My heart pains because what happened between me and him..My heart pains because sometimes you can not be that open to a person because you don't know if that's right or wrong because you have the fear of losing him..

Thank you very much if you read my email. I would be very happy if I can see your email back.

Bike Kilic"

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